Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement

Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement

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Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement

Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement

7am-4pm Helpline

3-Day Delivery

Multi-User Trade Accounts

Bespoke Orders

Bespoke Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement

RPO Specialises in the Design and Manufacture of Bespoke Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement for Large and Small, Private and Industrial-Scale Construction Projects.

Fully designed solutions using industry-leading software, SolidWorks Complete Service from Design to Delivery Any and Every Stage of Completion Catered For Get an Immediate Quote

A Complete 'One-Stop' Service

With a knowledgeable and experienced team of designers, engineers and technicians, we’re well-positioned to work with projects of any scale and custom specifications. Our team will work alongside you, providing assistance where necessary, to deliver accurate and reliable results, with minimal disruptions.

We are committed to offering the service groundworkers need to supply prefabricated reinforcement quickly and safely to site. Our in-house CAD designers utilise the industry-standard Solidworks CAD/CAE software, enabling us to create accurate production drawings and clear beam layout plans for the customer. 

We consciously apply additional resources during the planning stage; ensuring all aspects of a project are as accurate as possible before production, to guarantee customers get exactly what they want and aren’t left scratching their heads after delivery.

In order to provide you with the most optimum, time-efficient service, we’ll analyse your project from top to bottom, ensuring we prefabricate as much of the reinforcement as possible and supply as little loose bar as is viable. This guarantees time spent organising reinforcement on-site is kept to a minimum, and mistakes occurring from skills shortage of on-site employees is reduced.

Tying in loose bar is another service we can offer so please contact us if you would like us to quote for this service.

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Rear bending machine and reinforcement welders

bespoke prefabricated reinforcement drawings

An example of the drawings you'll receive to accompany your custom prefab reinforcement order

Prefabricated Reinforcement Greatly Improves Time & Cost Efficiency

Having your reinforcement cages and accessories prefabricated helps alleviate the problems of time, skills shortage, and cost.

The task of arranging and assembling reinforcement on-site can be overwhelming for inexperienced site managers. Furthermore, fabricating reinforcement on-site can become costly in terms of labour as well as materials cost and not to mention shortages. Prefabricated reinforcement takes this stress away, allowing your site staff to safely concentrate on other important issues, driving your project forward on time and within budget.

We specialise in prefabricated steel reinforcement over offering only loose cut and bent steel. This enables us to offer a service that many competitors will find hard to match. Many standard sized links are kept in stock to ensure that we can make a start on production without delay. As far as we are aware we are the only company which has this capability. We also keep a number of standard-sized cages in stock for immediate dispatch, which again is unique within this industry.

We can supply full MIG-welded cages in any dimension or length, to any specific requirements your project needs, or cages in sections for splicing on-site as required. 

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A Range of Reinforcement Solutions Available


We’re able to provide reinforcement solutions for:

  • Pile Cages
  • Columns
  • Ground Beams
  • Pile Caps
  • And Customised Solutions

In conjunction with our experienced team of welders we utilise the latest robotic welding technology, as well as advanced automated cutting and bending tools to produce certain fabrications in-house, in our facility in Derbyshire.

The materials we use are high quality and sourced from respected industry suppliers. All items go through a strict quality control procedure before they are finalised.

Items are then dispatched using our own distribution chain directly to your premises or site.

Deliveries are planned thoroughly to ensure access and efficient off load occurs with regular contact with site when necessary.

We’re also equipped to supply any additional tools or accessories you may need on-site for your reinforcement project.

Our team is ready to help you with anything you need. Call us now on 01283 763 992 to discuss your next project.

Introduction to Bespoke Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement