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Stock Prefabricated Reinforcement Cages

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Pile Cages

Pile cages are used to strengthen predominantly vertical concrete columns, usually when soil quality is poor or deep foundations are advised by engineers.
Column sizes and designs vary with application, and can require numerous different assembly techniques to ensure the concrete reinforced columns are manufactured to the highest effective standard.

Prefabricaged pile cages can be delivered to site fully assembled; welded or tied, or delivered in their constituent parts to be assembled on site. 

All of the steel used to manufacture our pile cages are sourced from CARES approved suppliers.

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  1. Pile Cage
    Pile Cage: 4 x Main Bars - 3Mtr
    4 x Main Bars
    8mm Rings
    From £44.08
  2. Pile Cage: 6 x Main Bars - 3Mtr
    Pile Cage: 6 x Main Bars - 3Mtr
    6 x Main Bars
    8mm Rings
    From £62.64
  3. Pile Cage: 4 x Main Bars - 6Mtr
    Pile Cage: 4 x Main Bars - 6Mtr
    4 xMain Bars
    8mm Rings
    From £83.75
  4. 6m pile cage
    Pile Cage: 6 x Main Bars - 6Mtr
    6 x H16 Main Bars
    8mm Rings
    From £119.02
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Please Note: Standard cages are welded to order but configuration material is kept in stock. Once welded items are classed as bespoke and cannot be refunded.

Having cages and other reinforcement solutions prefabricated makes the hassle of placing accurate and appropriate concrete reinforcement on-site unnecessary. If you’re short on time or space, having your concrete reinforcement cages pre-built off-site and delivered on the day you need them makes the difference between your project being finished on time, or you losing a potential long-term contract, and the reputation of your business.

Prefabricated solutions result in:

  •  Improved reinforcement production speed
  •  Improved accuracy
  •  Reduced labour time and costs
  •  Reduced chance of material wastage and loss
  •  Reduced errors associated to material or section identification and placement
  •  Greatly improved peace of mind

Reinforcement Products Online was set up to cater for a huge gap in the market created by a demand for high quality and reliable prefabricated reinforcement solutions delivered within an acceptable timeframe.

Large firms turn away or delay responding to many smaller projects, leaving contractors with very few alternatives than to fabricate cages, piles, and columns on-site, with employees who lack the proper skills to work effectively and efficiently.

Assessing the need as vital, and having a management and employee structure that is able to boast decades of experience with construction projects of any size, Reinforcement Products Online was established. The aim is to supply a reliable, high-quality, quick, and most of all straightforward, service for the supply of steel reinforcement solutions in the UK.

We pride ourselves in the personal nature of any project we take on; imparting support and assistance where necessary allowing you to spend your resources on other areas of attention. Our bespoke reinforcement solutions are developed to provide you with items that are simple to drop in-place on-site; tagged with designators accompanying a schematic overlay of your drawings. This equips groundworkers with clear, easy to follow guidelines with the placement of our reinforcement cages.

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