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Concrete Sealing Agent

Concrete Sealing Agent
In stock

Capacity: 25 Litres


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Concrete sealing agent is used to protect concrete from surface damage in the form of staining, or corrosion. The sealant creates a barrier over the surface of the concrete to prevent contact from any chemicals that would otherwise cause damage to the concrete. 

Our concrete sealant is designed to prevent almost all forms of surface damage which is most commonly caused by either surface moisture intrusion, or by the freezing and thawing of moisture during temperature fluctuations. 

Along with sealing the concrete to reduce the chances of damage, our concrete sealer is also combined with concrete curing chemicals, to ensure that your pour cures evenly, at a manageable rate. 

Please note: Ensure there is no standing water before application. Clean all tools once application is complete. Store at room temperature, away from foodstuffs and out of reach of children. 

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