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Steel Road Forms

Steel Road Forms

Type: Square Edge

Material: 4mm Steel

Pin Housings: 3

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Steel road forms are used in construction for creating a straight, accurate edge for concreting pathways, roadways or slabs. Road forms are temporary moulds, modular in design, which allow quick and simple placing of formwork. Road forms can be reused almost indefinitely, providing they are kept in good condition and the appropriate mould oil is used for releasing the forms from the concrete structure.

By utilising a steel engineered formwork system, you are ensuring not only that your project runs on-time, but also that your costs are lowered to reasonable standards. Steel road forms are extremely durable and are expected to last for hundreds if not thousands of uses.

Our road forms are manufactured in-house, and are designed with a square edge, and 3 housings for road form pins.

We’re also able to manufacture bespoke sizes and designs of fixed and flexible road forms, depending on your application. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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