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Bespoke Cut and Bent Rebar and Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement

Loose Cut and Bent Rebar & Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement

Get Bespoke Prefabricated and Loose Cut & Bent Rebar Anywhere in the UK, FAST.

Avoid the middleman, order direct for the best prices and the lowest lead times. Unlike our competitors, we stock everything.

A Complete 'One-Stop' Service; Cages, Columns, Beams, Walls, and Everything In Between.

  • Rebar cages & columns
  • Standard and Bespoke Mesh
  • Pile cages & caps
  • Diaphragm wall cages
  • Raft foundation solutions
  • Carpet reinforcement
  • Loose cut & bent steel
  • Ground beams
  • & Anything your schedules require

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From schedules to site, email your drawings for a quote for cut and bent or prefab. rebar within minutes.

Rapid Reinforcement direct to site.

Any and every stage of completion catered for

Very low lead times on all orders.

Order Loose Cut & Bent Rebar and Save Money and Time On-Site

Send over your schedules today, or a list of your requirements, and we'll have your rebar cut, bent, and even fabricated into columns, beams and wall sections within a matter of days. All items will be labelled up according to your needs on site, or bundled together to make your life as simple and straightforward as possible. Want your team to tie the rebar? No problem. We'll send all items loose along with the tools and ties (stainless or not) to get the job done.

We specialise in prefabricated steel reinforcement in conjunction with loose cut and bent steel. This enables us to provide a fluidity of service that many competitors will find hard to match. Many standard sized links are kept in stock to ensure that we can make a start on production without delay. As far as we are aware we are the only company which has this capability. We also keep a number of standard-sized cages in stock for immediate dispatch, which again is unique within this industry.

With low lead times due to a fast-moving and fluid team of skilled fabricators, RPO is fast becoming the UK's leading rebar supplier for small to medium-sized projects. We already provide reinforcement solutions for a large number of regular clients and contractors, and supply some of the largest construction companies in the UK.


We can supply full MIG-welded cages in any dimension or length, to any specific requirements your project needs, or cages in sections for splicing on-site as required. Any custom shapes you need for rebar or mesh, we can handle, including radius bent beams.

A Range of Reinforcement Solutions Available

In conjunction with our experienced team of welders we utilise advanced automated cutting and bending tools to produce certain fabrications in-house, in our facility in Derbyshire.

The materials we use are high quality and sourced from respected industry suppliers. All items go through a strict quality control procedure before they are finalised.

Items are then dispatched using our own distribution chain directly to your premises or site.

Deliveries are planned thoroughly to ensure access and efficient off load occurs with regular contact with site when necessary.

We're also equipped to supply any additional tools or accessories you may need on-site for your reinforcement project.

Our team is ready to help you with anything you need. Call us now on 01283 205 919 to discuss your next project.