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Reinforcement Accessories

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  1. Cover Gripper Grade Plate Spacers
    Cover Gripper Grade Plate Spacers
    From £18.95 exc. VAT
  2. Continuous High Chairs
    Continuous High Chairs
    From £44.00 exc. VAT
  3. Tying Wire
    Tying Wire
    From £6.95 exc. VAT
  4. wire ties
    Wire Ties
    From £14.95 exc. VAT
  5. Concrete Square Bar Spacer
    Concrete Square Bar Spacer
    From £1.50 exc. VAT
  6. Dowel Bars
    Dowel Bars
    From £1.49 exc. VAT
  7. corrugated beamform
    Corrugated Beam Form
    £33.95 exc. VAT
  8. Rebar Caps
    Rebar Protection Caps
    From £25.00 exc. VAT
  9. Dowel Rod Sleeves
    Dowel Bar Sleeves 100no
    From £23.00 exc. VAT
  10. Dimensions
    Expansion Joint Foam (10mtr)
    From £6.20 exc. VAT
  11. rebar pins setting out pins
    Setting Out Pins
    From £4.70 exc. VAT
  12. Novoform Permanent Formwork
    Novoform Permanent Formwork
    From £8.92 exc. VAT
  13. Hydrophilic Waterstop
    Hydrophilic Waterstop
    From £10.75 exc. VAT
  14. k form plastic formwork shuttering
    K135 K Form™ - 5 Pack
    £119.95 exc. VAT
  15. Tie Puller
    Tie Puller
    £15.00 exc. VAT
  16. Wire Nips
    Wire Nips
    £24.95 exc. VAT
  17. Road Form Pins
    Road Form Pins
    From £2.20 exc. VAT
  18. Steel Road Forms
    Steel Road Forms
    Out of stock
  19. Adoplug
    £20.00 exc. VAT
  20. tie bar tubing sleeve
    Tie Bar Tubing
    £30.00 exc. VAT
  21. water barrier nuts
    Water Barrier Nuts
    £2.50 exc. VAT
  22. tierob plastic cones
    Tie Rod Plastic Cone
    £18.00 exc. VAT
  23. Waler Plates
    Waler Plates
    £2.05 exc. VAT
  24. tie bar wing nut
    Tie Bar Wing Nut
    £1.00 exc. VAT
  25. formwork tie bar
    Formwork Tie Bar
    £15.95 exc. VAT
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36 Items

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Reinforcement Accessories

Reinforcement accessories - All the additional extras you need to complete a job safely and professionally. We provide a range of materials and tools to ensure that you're able to complete your project to the highest standard. With damp proofing, frost protection, tying wire, rigid steel road forms, 17 gauge tying wire, dowel rods and all the ancillaries to go with it, we've got you, and your concrete, covered.

Please select a category on the left, or browse our range of reinforcement accessories below. If you can't find what you're looking for, that doesn't mean we don't stock it. Give us a ring on 01283 763 992 and speak to one of our experts today.