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A modular strong yet lightweight concrete screed rail. 7 height options available, with accessories. 

Sold in packs of 5, totalling 11m length. 

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From £79.20 exc. VAT

Combiform Concrete Screed Rail

A strong and durable screed rail system that is easy to install, lightweight, and will save you time and money onsite.  

Combiform is:

  • Easy to place
  • Strong
  • Stackable
  • Lightweight
  • Available in various heights
  • Suitable for all beddings; inside or outside

Designed as a modular system for use with or without dowel bars, Combiform screed rail provides accurate levelling, minimum finishing work, reduced labour requirements, crack allocation, and overall a much less stressful, costly, time-consuming concrete pour.

Additional components include:

  • Top Extender Piece (allows increased concrete cover and acts as a saw cut)
  • Locking Clips
  • Adjustment Screws (for easy and accurate levelling)
  • Ground Plates (used in conjunction with adjustment screws) 

Order all additional components here.

Type Height Width

Minimum Slab Depth

(Height + 1.5 x Max Stone Diameter)

Maximum Slab Depth Static Load Capacity
C25 25mm 80mm

25 + 1,5 x max stone diameter = ……… mm

60mm 100Kg
C45 45mm 90mm

45 + 1,5 x max stone diameter = ……… mm

90mm -
C65 65mm 105mm

65 + 1,5 x max stone diameter = ……… mm

100mm 300Kg
C85 85mm 115mm

85 + 1,5 x max stone diameter = ……… mm

120mm 300Kg
C105 105mm 130mm

105 + 1,5 x max stone diameter = ……… mm

140mm 400Kg
C125 125mm 135mm

125 + 1,5 x max stone diameter = ……… mm

200mm 600Kg
C145 145mm 160mm

145 + 1,5 x max stone diameter = ……… mm

300mm 600Kg

Please note: Combiform is sold in packs of 5no pieces. The total length would then be either 11m (5 x 2.2mtr pieces) or 17.5m (5 x 3.5mtr pieces).

Screeding Rails

Concrete screed rails are tools used for the correct leveling of concrete floor bases. By setting two screed rails in parallel, at equal heights and level, it's possible to level a wet concrete pour by dragging over wide rakes, vibrating screed levelers or other tools.

Screed rails can be either a permanent fixture in a slab, offering such advantages as crack control and reduced labour, or they can be removed after leveling.

Screed rails can also be used as shuttering for concrete slabs to prevent concrete egress into other areas, and even as a framework for other construction systems. Many systems, including Combiform and K Form, also offer pre-drilled holes for dowel sleeves and rods, allowing continuation of steel reinforcement across slabs and concrete expansion and contraction control.

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More Information
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