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Steel Rebar - Reinforcing Steel Bars

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  1. 10mm, 12mm, 16mm rebar
    10mm Rebar
    From £1.41 exc. VAT
  2. 10mm, 12mm, 16mm rebar rods
    12mm Rebar
    From £2.04 exc. VAT
  3. 16mm Rebar
    16mm Rebar
    From £3.63 exc. VAT
  4. L Bar (Shape Code 11)
    L Bar (Shape Code 11)
    From £1.16 exc. VAT
  5. U Bar
    U Bar (Shape Code 13 & 21)
    From £2.10 exc. VAT
  6. Splice Bar / Straight Bar
    Splice Bar / Straight Bar
    From £0.95 exc. VAT
  7. Reinforcing Steel Links (Shape Code 51)
    Reinforcing Steel Links (Shape Code 51)
    From £0.91 exc. VAT
  8. Tying Wire
    Tying Wire
    From £6.95 exc. VAT
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Steel Rebar / Reinforcing Steel Bar

Steel rebar (often referred to as reinforcement bar, or reinforcing bar) is hot-rolled carbon steel that is shaped into lengths of steel with, most commonly, a circular cross-section. Deformed (ribbed) steel rebar is rebar that has a pattern embossed into the surface to aid with concrete bonding, which therefore prevents longitudinal movement of the bar within the concrete, and when two or more elements are connected.

We stock high levels of straight bar in a wide range of diameters, ready for immediate use in cutting, bending, and fabricating cages and other reinforcement elements which we can then deliver direct to site. Our project lead time varies depending on the complexity and total weight of an order, but is often within 3-5 days for up to 10 tonnes, and 5-7 days for larger orders.   

Advantages of Steel Rebar

The principal advantage of (and in many cases the necessity for) incorporating steel rebar in a building project is its provision of remarkable tensile strength. Without it, edifices could be susceptible to cracking or utter collapse due to the poor tensile strength unreinfoirced concrete offers. Other benefits of employing rebar to supply the necessary tensile strength in building projects include:

  • Carbon steel boasts similar thermal expansion coefficients to concrete, meaning they both expand and contract at an equal rate, making steel rebar an ideal counterpart for concrete.
  • Steel reinforcing bars are easy to manipulate, fuse and arrange, and possess the inherant durability to endure handling during construction and transportation.
  • A life-cycle analysis of rebar used to reinforce concrete structures suggests manufactured rebar actually offers relatively low environmental impact compared to using structural steel for the same purpose¹.
  • Rebar is fast and straightforward to place, ready for concrete pouring. The utilisation of reinforcement mesh can further accelerate the process, allowing for the creation of slabs of substantial size quickly and consistently.



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