Reinforcing Steel Links (Shape Code 51)


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Shape Code 51

AKA Rebar Stirrups, Beam Ties, Rebar links.

Steel Diameter: H10 - H20

Bespoke Lengths and Dimensions available

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Rebar links / Stirrups

Rebar links increase the load-bearing abilities of concrete. We sell square and rectangular links, which are both classified under Shape Code 51. 

Steel Links Features 

  • Shape Code 51
  • Reinforcement beams 
  • Square or rectangular
  • Order bespoke steel links
  • Customise the dimensions
  • No minimum order requirements 

Product Description

Steel is a brilliant material for enhancing the tensile strength of plain concrete. When force is exerted on a slab of concrete that lacks tensile strength, the concrete cracks. Cracked concrete deteriorates quickly, and may even fail completely. But when rebar stirrups are in the concrete, they compensate for any weaknesses. 

To produce these steel links, we source rebar steel from predominantly UK-based mills. Then, we roll and bend the rebar into either a square or rectangular shape according to your specifications. 

Our customers typically use these links in conjunction with loose cut and bent steel rebar. When combined, these two construction materials are used as reinforcement in concrete beams, columns, walls, and other elements. 

Why Are Rebar Links Dented or Ribbed? 

Rebar steel has a series of ribs, indentations, and crevices that run across the outer surface. These deformations are designed to improve the bonding rigidity of the concrete beams and columns on construction sites.

Labourers combine the steel links with straight rebar to form a cage. Then, they pour concrete into the cage to form a column. The wet concrete gets into the crevices of the rebar, forming a strong bond. The indentations ensure that the concrete and steel are well bonded and remain immobile. 

Shape Code 51 Explained

Shape Code 51 applies to rebar links that have been twisted into either a square or rectangular shape with or without additional overhang. 

To calculate the length of rebar needed to create shape code 51, use this formula: 

Total Length (L) = 2(A + B + (C)) – 2.5r – 5d

shape code 51

Beam/Column Ties Explained 

Beam ties (also known as column ties, lateral ties, and lateral stirrups) have the same function as steel links, but they are designed for use in vertical and horizontal columns. To make lateral ties, we bend steel bars into closed loops around longitudinal bars. Ties are effective in rectangular, circular, and triangular patterns. 

Beam ties confine the concrete core, preventing it from crumbling under pressure. When the ties are in place, concrete beams can experience seismic shifts and still remain intact due to the additional shear strength they create.


Order Steel Rebar Links

There is no minimum order for our products, so you can order as many rebar links as you need. 99% of the time, we can manufacture, package, and deliver custom steel links within 24-48 hours. 
Want to request a custom order? Please email our team at [email protected] and attach your plans. 

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