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Novoform Permanent Formwork

Novoform Permanent Formwork
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From £8.92

Permanent, wire mesh reinforced formwork. 

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From £8.92

Novoform Permanent Formwork

Save time, money and labour with permanent formwork solutions which you can just cut, bend, and drop in place.

No need for traditional steel & wood panel formwork which is a chore to place and another chore to remove. Novoform offers an ease and simplicity you wish you had thought of for previous jobs.

Perforated plastic film encapsulates cold drawn, electrically welded wire mesh (4mm main wires and 3mm cross wires) with 150mm x 75mm apertures, providing a strong, sturdy permanent formwork that’s highly resistant to pillowing, and requires no removal once your beams or slab is set.

Installation is simple. Simply drop a U shaped section into a trench, add your rebar cage with spacers, and pour. It’s that easy.

For more complex usage, check out the brochure here.

We supply Novoform sheets in 3 sizes as standard. All sheets are 2400mm in length, and either 525mm, 750mm, or 1950mm in width.

To order, simply choose the sheet sizes and quantity you require, and add to cart. Or if you require a bespoke order with sheets cut to your spec, call us on the number above to place your order.


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