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T16 16mm Rebar Concrete Reinforcing Bar

16mm rebar is commonly used in the construction industry, particularly within commercial projects of varying sizes. Like other diameter rebar, Its primary function is to improve the tensile strength of concrete and to balance load through slabs, columns, beams, and other structural elements. T16 rebar, being a large diameter rebar, is most commonly used in prefabricated components that require high reinforcing strength such as pile caps, ground beams, and columns. 16mm rebar, like all rebar we supply, is deformed with ‘ribs’ which help promote a stronger bond with the concrete and reduce lateral movement during placement and concrete pouring.

Reinforcement Products Online is able to produce bespoke lengths and shapes of T16 rebar as per your schedule. We stock 16mm reinforcing bars in large quantities, ready for immediate dispatch UK-wide. Lead times are always low, and we have our own large scale fabrication facility in the Midlands to cater to orders of 20,000Kgs or more.

While reinforcement bar is not often supplied galvanized or epoxy-coated, hot rolled bars commonly leave the mill with a thin coating of mill-scale (iron oxides), which helps to protect the steel. After a time, this coating will dissipate, and surface rust can appear due to environmental factors. Rust that is caused by fresh water (rainwater) does not, however, decrease the inherent strength of the rebar, nor will it lead to further deterioration of the bar when cast in concrete. In fact, certain levels of rust have been shown to improve the bonding of rebar in concrete. Additionally, given correct concrete cover, corrosion does not continue within concrete structures unless the concrete has either high permeability or other imperfections.

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