U Bar (Shape Code 13 & 21)


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Shape Code 13 - Shape Code 21

Stock Rebar Diameter: H10 - H20
BS8666:2020 Rebar Shape Codes: 13, 14, 21

Bespoke Lengths and Dimensions available

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Steel U Bar (Shape Code 13 & 21)

We deliver custom and off-the-shelf steel U bars that meet the requirements of Shape Code 13 and Shape Code 21. 


Steel U Bar Features 

  • Grade B500B
  • Shape Code 13 available
  • Shape Code 21 available
  • Purchase off-the-shelf bars 
  • Bespoke orders available
  • Any length, diameter, quantity
  • Order any amount, no minimum order 


Product Description 

Steel U bars are perfect for domestic or commercial use. Many of our customers use these U-shaped bars to reinforce concrete, but there are many other uses. They make great fixing post inserts and structural supports. 

When U bars are used in concrete, they stop it from slipping under pressure. They also increase the already immense load-bearing capacity of concrete, creating an overall stronger, sturdier structure. 

All our steel comes from UK-based mills. Once we have sourced the steel, we take it to our in-house manufacturing plant and cold roll it into place. 


Shape Code 13 Explained

This code refers to a U-shaped rebar with a semi-circular bend that has a gap. 


Shape Code 21 Explained

This code refers to a U-shaped rebar without a circular gap at the bend.

We can manufacture Shape Code 13 and Shape Code 21 steel bars in any length, diameter, and quantity.


Grade B500B Explained

Our U bar steel products are incredibly versatile. This bar is Grade B500B, so it is designed to reinforce other structures. The tensile/yield strength is 500 N/mm2, making it one of the most heavy-duty rebars on the market. 


Yield Strength



Tensile/yield strength ratio


Total elongation at maximum force, Agt










Premade U Bar Sizes

We stock off-the-shelf U bar steel in these sizes.


Rebar Dimensions (mm)

Rebar Diameter





U BAR 1000 150 1000 10, 12, 16, 20
U BAR 1000 300 1000 10, 12, 16, 20

Custom U Bar Options

If the off-the-bar options don’t meet your specifications, contact us. We provide our customers with bespoke steel U bars in any dimensions imaginable. No bar is too big or too small. 

We are uniquely placed to offer fast turnaround times, even for bespoke pieces. Our experienced steel workers regularly design, manufacture, and ship custom rebar orders within 24-48 hours. 

You can order a combination of Shape Code 13 and Shape Code 21 bars in the same batch. 


Order U-Shaped Rebar

There is no minimum order. Whether you have miscalculated and need one extra rebar to fill a gap or need an entire shipment of bars, we will fulfil your order.

For custom U bar steel shapes or sizes, please email us at [email protected] and attach your plans. You can also call us on 01283 205919 to talk about your requirements. 

More Information
More Information
Type Materials
Bespoke Dimensions Available Yes
Carriage costs

Standard Carriage Rates

For all standard items the shipping rates are as follows. 

Weight (KGs)Carriage Cost
0 - 10 £25.00
11 - 20 £30.00
21 - 30 £45.00
31 - 40 £60.00
41 - 50 £75.00
51 - 60 £90.00
61 - 70 £105.00
71 - 80 £120.00
81 - 90 £150.00
101 - 110 £165.00
111 - 500 £180.00
500 + £240.00

Stock items are usually dispatched either immediately, or within 1-2 days. Delivery for most standard items will be via courier. Some items will be delivered on a pallet depending on quantity. If you'd like clarification on shipping costs or would like to organise shipping on a particular day to ease site management, call us now on 01283 763 992.


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