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Concrete Curing Agent

Concrete Curing Agent
In stock

Capacity: 25 Litres

Colour: Clear 


Non Staining

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Our curing agent is a water-based chemical compound containing silicates to slow down the concrete curing process and ensure an effective curing with no cracking. 

When applied, the silicates within the curing agent permanently bond with the surface of the concrete, creating a microcrystalline barrier, reducing the porosity of the material. This prevents the evaporation of moisture and allows the concrete to cure evenly and at a slower rate, reducing the chances of cracking from occurring. 

Our curing agent: 

  •  Is Non-toxic, 
  •  Is Water-based,
  •  Is Non-staining,
  •  Has a High Effective Yield,
  •  Increases Surface Hardness and Durability
  •  Allows Maximum Hydration

Please note: Ensure there is no standing water before application. Clean all tools once application is complete. Store at room temperature, away from foodstuffs and out of reach of children. 

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