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Builders Hessian Blanket

Builders Hessian Blanket
In stock

Length: 46mtr

Width: 1.37mtr

  • Buy 50 for £30.00 each and save 14%

Hessian is a biodegradable material used to provide protection for materials, concrete and brickwork during a construction project. Hessian is 100% natural, and provides ample thermal and aesthetic protection for masonry work, and the curing of concrete.

Our hessian rolls are 46Mtr x 1.37Mtr. Each roll weighs approximately 7Kgs. 

Bulk orders of 50no+ (a full pallet) receive a discount. 

Hessian (also known as burlap) can also be used to protect indoor or outdoor flooring tiles or carpet during decoration or home improvement. It is often also used as a carpet backing.

During the curing process, hessian can be wetted to control moisture levels in concrete pours. The density of the material ensures that moisture evaporates at a controlled rate, preventing any damage from occurring due to fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels.

Burlap is also a popular product among gardeners, helping prevent plants from frost damage during the winter months, whilst also being completely natural and therefore not damaging the plants in other ways.

Hessian rolls can also be used to cover materials on site, and protect rigging, formwork or beams from damage due to collision, abrasion, or erosion.

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