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Dowel Bars

Dowel Bars
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From £1.21
  • Steel Diameter: 12mm, 16mm or 20mm
  • Steel Type: Mild Steel

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Custom Lengths with Alternative Diameters Available

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From £1.21

We maintain stock for dowel rods in these dimensions:

  • 12mm x 900mm
  • 16mm x 600mm
  • 20mm x 600mm

Rods are clean cut to length to ensure dowel rod sleeves can be utilised effectively. 

Custom sizes and dimensions are always available. 

Steel dowel bars are used to create a debonded dowelled joint; reinforcing the connection between two or more concrete slabs to improve strength and force transfer.

Cylindrical dowel bars allow reduced frictional resistance- offering flexibility in the joint for concrete to contract, or expand due to moisture content and temperature fluctuations.

Additionally, dowel rods can be used when looking to reinforce concrete in one horizontal direction, whilst allowing some movement in a direction perpendicular to the initial direction. This is the common reason for dowel rod use in road repairs (known as dowel bar retrofit).

Dowel Bar

Dowel Bars can be provided in any length and with any diameter.

Stock sizes are maintained in high levels for immediate dispatch.

What Are Dowel Bars?

In general reinforcement practice, dowel bars are used as a way of transferring force from one concrete slab to another. In their most basic form, they’re used to create a strong, reinforced joint between two concrete slabs either horizontally or vertically. However, dowel bars are also commonly used because they allow a certain amount of movement in one direction; ideally preventing concrete from transferring stress to another element, potentially leading to a crack or other damage.  

In roadway reinforcement, dowel rods are designed to transfer loads between slabs effectively, by presenting the leave slab with a certain amount of load before the load is fully transferred. This reduces the stress involved when direct load transfer takes place. For this process to work effectively, dowel bars must either be coated in epoxy or encase within dowel sleeves.

Dowel rods are also often used in wall construction without sleeves, to create a structurally sound connection between two or more concrete pours. Due to the potential for laitance, it is important that the surfaces are cleaned well before subsequent pours take place.

Types of Joints

Depending on their use, different types of joints can be incorporated:

  • Contraction Joints
  • Expansion Joints
  • Crack-Control Joints
  • Construction Joints
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