From public buildings and retail stores to private homes, steel reinforcement has found its way into the world of interior design. In some cases, it is being used in conjunction with concrete but in others, it is being used on its own to create exciting and original effects.

Here, we look at some of the most ingenious ways that modern designers are now using steel reinforcement products to make décor look even more amazing.

Concrete worktop

1. Concrete Worktops And Kitchen Surfaces

Over recent years, there has been a drive towards industrial chic in the interior design market, and concrete has a key role to play. As an industrial material, concrete is one of the most popular choices for homeowners who want to achieve the latest desirable look in their homes.

Concrete can now be used in unusual and unexpected ways inside the home, and thanks to its amazing versatility when used in conjunction with steel reinforcement, it’s possible to create a unique and modern space.

The kitchen lends itself well to the concrete trend, and with steel reinforcement mesh, creating stunning countertops is surprisingly easy.

Rebar Shelving

2. Unique Steel Reinforcement Bar Shelving

While steel reinforcement is designed to be used to support other structures, modern interior designers are increasingly using it on its own to harness the industrial chic look inside the home. One particularly stylish way to use steel reinforcement is to create unusual shelving in any room of the home.

Steel Rebar Staircase

3. Staircases And Handrails

Interior designers are always looking for new ways to bring rustic elegance into the home, and one way to achieve this aim is to combine wood with steel reinforcement to create a contemporary staircase and handrail with plenty of country charm.

4. Unusual Furniture

For homeowners who want to create a stir with their exciting home décor, finding furniture made to unusual and interesting designs is high priority. The result has been a trend towards producing pieces from unexpected yet surprisingly stylish materials. One such material has been steel reinforcement, which has been incorporated into a wealth of attractive and aesthetically appealing tables and chairs.

Rebar Chair

5. Decorative Touches

When it comes to putting the final touches on a home, eye-catching artwork is a first choice for many homeowners. There are plenty of options to choose from, but for anyone who wants something a little out of the ordinary, pieces which are made from steel reinforcement could be the perfect choice. Thanks to the great versatility of this construction material, it’s possible to turn it into such diverse items as bookends, coat hooks, umbrella stands and even dramatic light fittings that perfectly combine industrial design with contemporary sophistication.

Have you been inspired to take your home to a whole new level with some steel reinforcement?

With these unusual ways that this versatile material can be incorporated into your home’s interior décor, you can create exciting and contemporary new looks for your home.

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