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NEWS: Understanding Rebar Weights

No matter what type of construction project you are considering, the chances are that you will need rebar or reinforcement mesh products to provide tensile strength to any poured concrete or slab elements of your build. Whilst concrete itself has high compressive strength, it is relatively weak when it... Continue reading
Understanding Rebar Weights

NEWS: Steel Mesh Prices in July 2021

Few in the construction sector and related industries will be unaware of the recent price volatility affecting global steel markets currently. Whilst 2020 was undoubtedly a turbulent time for many sectors, 2021 has very definitely picked up the pace, with steel prices fluctuating wildly, and on an almost daily... Continue reading
Steel Mesh Prices in July 2021

NEWS: What Are Starter Bars?

Construction projects of all types and sizes routinely need to produce concrete slabs and walls, as well as masonry walls, and it’s vital that these slabs and walls are structurally sound and strong enough to meet all project requirements. Steel reinforcement of concrete and masonry is a routine part... Continue reading
What Are Starter Bars?

NEWS: Rebar Sizes: A Complete Breakdown

If you’re preparing to begin a concrete construction project, you may have determined that rebars will be necessary while planning and purchasing materials. When reinforced bars are used in concrete construction projects, reinforced concrete is created. Whether the project includes posts, walls or floor slabs, using rebars can help... Continue reading
Rebar Sizes: A Complete Breakdown