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NEWS: Concrete Contraction Joints

When you think of concrete, movement is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But despite being a strong, solid material, concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes. This is called thermal movement, and if it isn’t controlled, the concrete can become damaged and lead to further problems... Continue reading
Concrete Contraction Joints

NEWS: Concrete Isolation Joints

Thermal movement in concrete slabs (the expansion and contraction of the concrete due to temperature changes) must be taken into account when pouring the concrete to prevent excessive or unwanted cracking. This is usually done with expansion or contraction joints that allow the slab to move. However, there are other situations... Continue reading
Concrete Isolation Joints

NEWS: Concrete Expansion Joints

Despite being a strong, heavy material, concrete does actually expand and contract throughout its lifespan. However, because concrete isn’t an elastic material, it doesn’t bend or stretch easily. So, when this expansion and contraction occurs, joints are required to make sure the concrete isn’t damaged. Why Are Expansion Joints... Continue reading
Concrete Expansion Joints

NEWS: Understanding Rebar Weights

No matter what type of construction project you are considering, the chances are that you will need rebar or reinforcement mesh products to provide tensile strength to any poured concrete or slab elements of your build. Whilst concrete itself has high compressive strength, it is relatively weak when it... Continue reading
Understanding Rebar Weights